GN Tracks

GN Tracks is a small, but ultra passionate music production, mixing, and mastering service provider based in the sunny Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, New Zealand.   We take pride in listening to each clients' project needs.  In  this way we can offer customised products to our happy customers.   We agree, your music is a huge part of you as a person.  With the help of modern technology, we are able to complete your musical journey from anywhere in the world.  We can help you with;  Backing tracks/music arrangement, mobile recording, mixing, and mastering, and session musician work on drums, keyboards, and bass.

Gavin Northcroft

CEO/Creative Director


GN Tracks has been operating since 2016.   Founder and Creative Director Gavin Northcroft has been in the New Zealand music industry for 30 years now.  During this time he has been involved in everything from live performance, to DJing, session work, and more.  However, his true passion lay in the studio. His long standing expertise in musical arrangement has given him opportunities to work on backing tracks that are otherwise hard to find, along witha variety of studio projects.  Always wanting to better himself, Gavin has now combined his musical skills with certificates in mixing and mastering.  He currently divides his time between playing in successful wedding covers band Five O'clock Shadow, running GN Tracks, and being a very happy father/family man. His motto in the studio is: ¨Don't tell me I can't because I'll find a way around it."

Salla Saarinen

Administrative Supervisor



Salla is the official “office lady” at GN Tracks.  She looks after your projects by taking care of the admin side of things while Gavin concentrates on the creative end of our business.  Salla’s field of expertise is customer service, contracts, website and social media content.  Salla is originally from Finland, but her loving kiwi family has made it easy to adapt to the NZ way of life and GN Tracks is a shared dream with husband Gavin.