On this page is a brief list of what equipment we use here at GN Tracks.

Logic Pro X

The heart of our studio is Apple's Logic Pro X.  All the magic happens here.

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We use a variety of plugins to achieve great results.  Manufacturers include Waves, Focusrite, Black Rooster Audio ust to name a few.  These are like the herbs and spices a good audio engineer would use to colour your song. 

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Outboard Gear

Alesis 3630

Introduced in the 90's, this unit has become very sought after once again by studios the world over.  Used to control sound dynamics. and keep background noise to a minimum during the recording process.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

At the very heart of our studio is the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 audio interface.  All sound going to and from the computer passes through here.  Simple to use, but full of smarts, with plenty of room for expansion.

Ron Hartley Series Single Channel EQ

A one of a kind hand made single channel EQ.  Works exceptionally well on vocals during the recording process.  Features a "Constant Q" as apposed to being asymetric, or linear.

Rode NT1A condensor microphone

A reliable general work horse.  This microphone has covered most of our basses here at GN Tracks.