• gnorthcroft

Vintage/Hand built studio gear.

Ah... Vintage/hand built studio gear. "Outboard gear", "Rack gear", etc. Call it what you identify with best. Which ever way you look at, most recording studios around the world both big and small have got it. Some more than others. Ask any studio engineer and they're likely to tell you "If you can afford it, get yourself some outboard gear!". Who would've ever imagined that in the 1980's, we were all racing to get our hands on the latest and greatest digital equipment. Well... At least I was fortunate enough to be getting my hands on some thanks to my adopted father, and other fellow musicians who were certainly more financial than I was. Thats another story for another day. Then in the early 90's thanks to places like "Sound City", analogue was back in again. Then along came "Pro Tools"! With the rapid rise of the internet, Napster, etc digital was everything to everyone. Somewhere along the way the sound became very perfect, very harsh sounding, and as some would say, "It lost all it's warmth". Now-days the renaissance is in full swing, and some people are just bursting at the seams to get their hands on it. (I should probably point out about now, that analogue equipment didn't disappear completely. It just wasn't being used on every song that was being recorded.).

Now-days plugin developers are bursting at the seams to model/recreate the tonal characteristics of equipment from years gone by. Which is wonderful for those who can't afford to 1: Hunt down these pieces of gear. 2: Afford the collectors prices that now come along with them. Of course the other challenge is getting it still in working order, and being able to maintain and repair it. The gear in the photo featured in this post is as follows: Bottom - An Alesis 3630 noise gate/compressor from the 90's. Now making quite a comeback. I've seen these in several studios now. Middle: a one off hand build mono 8 band equaliser. It features a constant Q. Top: nothing analogue here, just my audio interface.

I also own a Korg TP9 stereo valve preamp. A big thankyou to my adopted father for gifting me this gear.